Cargo Jeans

An alternative to jeans are the cargo pants. Celebrities love the J Brand “Houlihan” skinny cargo pants version. They have been wearing them since 2010 and they are a jean that they will still be wearing in 2012. So whether you wear with sandals or heels it is hard to go wrong with these versatile pants.

Here are some celebrity looks!!
Khloe Kardashian Odom Cargo Jeans
Khloe Kardashian Odom
Sienna Miller Cargo Jeans
Sienna Miller
Miley Cyrus Cargo Jeans
Miley Cyrus
Jessica Alba Cargo Jeans
Jessica Alba
Reese Witherspoon Cargo Jeans
Reese Witherspoon
Kim Kardashian Cargo Jeans
Kim Kardashian
Charlize Theron Cargo Jeans
Charlize Theron
Rihanna Cargo Jeans
Kate Bosworth - Just Jared Cargo Jeans
Kate Bosworth
Jessica Alba Cargo Jeans
Jessica Alba
Vanessa Hudgens Cargo Jeans
Vanessa Hudgens
Julianne Hough Cargo Jeans
Julianne Hough
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

How Celebs Wear It

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